Hans Balgobin

I graduated from University College London in 2011, having originally come from a Physics and Nanotechnology academic background. I then moved into the financial and technology quantitative realm, and have been honing my skills in machine learning to find profitable trading strategies.

My fields of expertise are in Business Analytics, Predictive Modelling, Data Mining, Quant, Statistical Programming, Web Analytics, Vizualization and Artificial Intelligence.

I believe that data analysis shouldn’t worry businesses as much as they do, and teams and data should be able to do their thing. However, in my career I have observed a lot of frustration around outdated regulations and rules, preventing very safe data analysis which is restrictive to growth. Businesses often feel that quantitative training is high risk, but there are very standard procedures you can take to feel safe about what you’re doing.

We will teach you what you should be looking for in your data to meet, and exceed, your aims as a company. We want you to know that you can do your job, and we’re here to help you do that, and to prevent needless frustration during that process. We understand that the burden of proof is on you given that the authorities, many times, may not have the expertise or bandwidth to objectively analyse your systems.


We don’t pretend that we know everything, but we can by using certain rule of thumb and indicators, train your teams to look for what is relevant, without being distracted by things that aren’t significant to the industry.