Phill Ash

I graduated from Birmingham University in 2003. After spending over 10 years in the Fintech industry, working in various roles as an analyst and a Fix Onboarding Engineer, my job moved into training and support for overseas offices. I began to realise the incredible scope of opportunity to improve things on broad spectrum across the financial industry.

Over the years I’d seen countless cases of poorly thought out processes and manual repetitive tasks, it’s about time to contribute to the solution to some of these resource drains and make that a core part of the business. My vision is to provide an exceptional service to the clients we have in the trading technology space.

There is incredible scope of opportunity to improve things across many industries, particularly the financial industry. Knowing the massive savings in time and money that could and are achieved through careful data analysis, it’s time to provide a wider service through outstanding consulting and project work in the Fintech space, and others, and to provide bespoke educational programmes towards quantitative analysis to any industry.


I believe that knowledge, even complex, should be accessible and be able to be understood by anyone and the people with that knowledge have the responsibility to make it available.